WP Personal Web Sites

Texas State University introduces WP Personal Websites, a new way to make a website or blog for yourself, a class, your research, or whatever! Publish a site for your club, make a digital vita, share pictures from your events or document your research with easy to use, web-based tools.

We have eight Demo Sites available. Each has the same content but is displayed in a different themeDemo Site 1, Demo Site 2, Demo Site 3, Demo Site 4, Demo 5, Demo 6, Demo 7, Demo 8.

What This Service is Not

WP Personal Websites is not a replacement for Gato. All official Texas State academic and service department websites are hosted in Gato. WP is intended to serve faculty, staff, and student needs for Web publishing not covered by Gato.


WP Personal Websites offers a number of tools that make sharing your content with the world a quick and trivial task:

  • Create Web pages or blog posts using a rich text editor.
  • Upload images to add to posts, or create an image gallery.
  • Choose from eight different themes to best suit your needs.
  • Customize your sidebar using various Widgets.
  • Add additional editors to your site with varying levels of access.
  • Accept comments from your site visitors.
  • Publish your site as an RSS feed.
  • Import and export your content to a portable file.
  • Google Analytics support

Getting Started

Click here to reserve your site’s address and get your WP Personal Website started.

Self-Paced Video Training

WP Personal Websites is based on WordPress, and there are a number of helpful video-based training resources available for on the Lynda.com training site. These resources are free for Texas State faculty, staff, and students.

Check out our custom “WP Fundamentals” playlist to familiarize yourself with the most common functionality in the system (approximately 2-hour training) or check out the full WordPress Essentials training (approximately 5 hours) once you are logged into Lynda.com.

Start the “WP Fundamentals” self-paced video training here

If you need to do something more advanced on your site, a quick search on Lynda.com should point you in the right direction.

Technical Support

If something goes wrong, a tool isn’t working as expected, or if you’d like to see a feature added, please contact the WP support team for assistance.

M-F 8:00am-5:00pm
Email: wpsupport@txstate.edu
Live Chat
Phone: 512-245-4822

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